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Dr Jacek Dygut

Jacek Dygut M.D., trauma and orthopaedic surgeon, specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation. He graduated from Jagiellonian University Medical College in Kraków, where he gained knowledge and skills under the supervision of, among others, Professor Janina Sokołowska-Pituch, Professor Stanisław Konturek and Professor Andrzej Szczeklik. In 1987 he received his medical doctor degree with honours.
In 1994 he obtained 1st degree specialisation, and in 2001 – 2nd degree specialisation in trauma and orthopaedic surgery. He started his professional career working as a young doctor in the Regional Hospital in Przemyśl where he specialised in treating complex (often with complications) fractures of short and long bones, skin transplantations, as well as total and partial hip and knee joint replacements. As Dr Dygut’s abilities were soon noticed, he started work as a chairman of the Municipal Disability Evaluation Board in Przemyśl and Rzeszów. He also worked as an evaluating physician authorized by PZU Insurance group and Social Insurance Institution (ZUS). For many years he worked in the capacity of a court appointed expert in the field of trauma and orthopaedics in regional courts in Kraków, Krosno, Rzeszów and Warszawa, and was granted a title of a decisive expert with regard to medical error assessment. A vital part of his further education was a specialisation in physical medicine and rehabilitation, which he regards to be the most crucial part of preventive care and treatment, obtained in 2016. Many years of Dr Dygut’s professional practice and his pursuit of knowledge were crowned with a doctoral thesis whose scope comprised a study of medical error cases, and treating joint inflammation and hallux valgus with the author’s own natural, non-operational methods. The thesis was also devoted to the analysis of damaged dystrophin protein structure in Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Dr Dygut was awarded a degree of a medical doctor of Jagiellonian University with honours in Kraków in 2019. Currently Dr Dygut cooperates with Jagiellonian University Medical College still adding to the long list of his impressive academic achievements. He initiates numerous research projects and is the author of many publications and conference communications. His passion for science resulted in a Polish and American patent – Hallux-Stop, which is the only device treating hallux valgus – a case of bad foot posture. Dr Jacek Dygut is a specialist with a lot knowledge, expertise and intuition in diagnostics, which makes it possible for him to determine proper course of treatment. And thanks to his sensitivity and empathy he is able to treat his patients holistically, since their mindset is a crucial element of their healthcare. A smile and positive attitude, as well as undisputed knowledge and capabilities are his recipe for success in the diagnosis-treatment process, which has been confirmed by many opinions of his patients on the Znany Lekarz website.
Treatment methods
Dr Dygut conducts primarily minimally invasive regenerative and reconstruction interventionist procedures using percutaneous techniques controlled by ultrasound, i.e. dry needling, incisions, scarification, breaking up adhesions, breaking down calcium deposits in tendons and bursas, as well as injecting platelet-rich plasma into joint capsules with degenerative changes and into inflamed bursas and tendon sheaths. The aim of this approach is to accelerate healing process and stop inflammation when treating patients with pain and limited flexibility of joints and extra-articular tissue. Very good results are obtained when treating arthritis and post-traumatic dysfunctions of: pectoral girdle, elbow joint, small hand joints, wrist, hip joint and the hip area, knee joint, lumbar spine, ankle joint and foot.

Price List

*Due to a massive interest of particular specialization we do require a £40 prepayment fee during the registration, which will be deducted from the final price after the visit. Due to the special nature of prosthetic treatment, a £100 deposit payable before the next visit may be introduced in the cases specified by the dentist. If you do not cancel /rearrange your visit up to 24 hours before the date of appointement

*Due to a massive interest in particular specialists, we do require a £30 prepayment fee during the registration. It be deducted from the final price after the visit.
If you do not cancel /rearrange your visit up to 24 hours before the date of the appointment is due the deposit is non refundable. Thank you for your cooperation.
Package policy
* Unused treatments from the package are non refundable. *Please note: if you won’t attend planned appointment without cancellation or rescheduling within 24 h before planned visit – the treatment from the package – the visit is lost.
Abdominal cavity ultrasound preparation:
Light diet day before, recommended to do the scan 6 hours after eating, eat a little on the day of the test, drink a lot. Abstain from emptying bladder for 1-2 hours before the planned examination. The patient should make sure their bowels are empty before the scan.

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