Dr Jarosław Jarmusz

Dr Jarmusz earned his MD degree at the Medical Academy of Wroclaw in 1995.

Afterwards he completed first degree specialisation in Internal Diseases in 2001 and three years later degree specialisation in Family Medicine, both at the Medical Centre of Postgraduate Study in Wroclaw. Dr Jarmusz has 25-year professional experience. For many years he worked in primary health care in Poland and also in the United Kingdom at Dr Jefferies&Partners Medical Centre in London as a Salaried General Practitioner for over four years.

In addition to general consultations for adults and children, dr Jarmusz offers the following minor surgical procedures:

excision of skin lesions (moles, birthmarks, warts, lumps, scars – not extensive)
excision of lesions from the subcutaneous tissue – lipomas, granulomas, fibromas, haemangiomas
excision of sebaceous cysts from the scalp and other areas
removal of ingrown toenails (partial nail avulsion)
paring/cutting of corns/calluses on feet
conservative treatment of ganglion cysts in various areas (e.g. hands, wrists) and Baker’s cysts – needle aspiration and application of corticosteroids

Other procedures:
ear irrigation
intra-articular injections (corticosteroids or hyaluronic acid)
cortisone shots

Price List

*Due to a massive interest of particular specialization we do require a £40 prepayment fee during the registration, which will be deducted from the final price after the visit. Due to the special nature of prosthetic treatment, a £100 deposit payable before the next visit may be introduced in the cases specified by the dentist. If you do not cancel /rearrange your visit up to 24 hours before the date of appointement

*Due to a massive interest in particular specialists, we do require a £30 prepayment fee during the registration. It be deducted from the final price after the visit.
If you do not cancel /rearrange your visit up to 24 hours before the date of the appointment is due the deposit is non refundable. Thank you for your cooperation.
Package policy
* Unused treatments from the package are non refundable. *Please note: if you won’t attend planned appointment without cancellation or rescheduling within 24 h before planned visit – the treatment from the package – the visit is lost.
Abdominal cavity ultrasound preparation:
Light diet day before, recommended to do the scan 6 hours after eating, eat a little on the day of the test, drink a lot. Abstain from emptying bladder for 1-2 hours before the planned examination. The patient should make sure their bowels are empty before the scan.

£40 Prepayment required

GP Consultation
medical history interview, examination, suggestion of potential laboratory tests £85

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